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Since its inception in 1951, Cambro has been committed to investing in the people and processes that make their products a reality. From once offering the Camtray as its single product, to today Cambro now offers a wide range of trays, table service and display items, storage, shelving, merchandising and insulated transport products, warewashing systems, and healthcare meal delivery solutions. 

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Featured Products from Cambro

Pro Cart Ultra

Maintain hot and chilled foods in the same server with the Pro Cart Ultra - or switch it up! Swap out the module on back with the opposite, optional module to transform your Pro Cart Ultra compartment in minutes to non-drying heat or an additional cooling unit. No available electrical outlets? This compact cart keeps hot food hot and cold food cold for 4+ hours anyway, protected by thick CFC-free insulation.

This is ideal for restaurants and catering operations that serve a variety of meals from chilled to piping hot. Rust-proof and dent-resistant, the Pro Cart Ultra is equipped with adjustable stainless steel rails to hold food pans, sheet pans, trays, and large pizza boxes. The smooth menu pocket on the door allows for quick identification, holding an index card or notes from a grease pencil. The Pro Cart Ultra does it your way, with industry-standard Cambro durability.


CVC75 Vending Cart 

The next generation in mobile food vending, the CVC75 Vending Cart configures for day-to-day menu changes and best safety practices. A top pick for mobile lunch service and catering, a range of eye-catching graphics and colors are available for branding any operation. Engineered for both indoor and outdoor service, this unit fits through standard 36” (91,4 cm) door frames, with easily removable accessories for transport.

The POS station ready cart is available with a 12” safety barrier and clear sneeze guard for protection against contamination, 12” and 6” merchandising optional shelves and extenders, with open base storage and draining wells to maximize space and cleanability. Locking swivel casters and precision bearings offer comfortable maneuvering and quick set-up, with a cart body designed from ultra-durable polyethylene material that resists dents, rust, and cracks.

This adds up to a Cambro Vending Cart that delivers on presentation while maintaining the highest standard of sanitation.


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An alternative to traditional compartment wash racks, the Cambro Base Racks offer an open rack that fits pots, pans, bowls, and more. Stacks securely with all full or half size Camracks and major manufacturer racks for easy integration. Open inside grating provides thorough circulation of water and promotes quick drying, while closed outer walls keep fingers and contaminates out. These unique closed walls also reduce risk of breakage and injury, while remaining easy to lift and transport with molded-in handles on each rack.

Used with the Camrack cover and Camdolly, the system is completely enclosed, so wares stay clean in storage. Built from chemical resistant, dishwasher safe plastic, a variety of colors are offered to identify and inventory contents at a glance. Create a convenient wait station storage rack, reduce handwashing of wares, and more with the Base Rack!


Camshelving Premium Series

Keep shelf contents organized and secure with Premium Series Shelf Rails, a double rail system easy to install and disassemble. Compatible on mobile and stationary shelving, recommended for use with High Density Camshelving, Shelf Dividers, and Drying Cradles, preventing unhygienic spills and breakage.

Snap on shelf rails for install and snap off for stocking and cleaning. Designed from highly durable plastic that resists breaking and chipping, extending the lifetime of protection. Provide the maximum security and sanitation for shelf contents with Premium Series Shelf Rails.


Camduction Complete Heat System

The Camduction® Complete Heat System is designed to perform efficiently during the most demanding healthcare meal service. The Camduction® Charger heats up to 20 Camduction® bases at once in 4-6 minutes, accommodating up to 300 meals per service.

A heated base, combined with a properly heated plate, covered with a Cambro insulated dome will maintain hot foods at safe temperatures 140°F (60°C) or higher for 60 minutes. This offers a convenient, consistent solution to transporting and delivering meals at the temperature they were plated. Made of high-grade, durable stainless steel that remains cool to touch, the energy-efficient unit shuts off after 60 minutes of inactivity. Ensure quality and food safety with the Camduction® Complete Heat System, the innovative hot tray line solution.




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