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Cooper-Atkins offers innovative monitoring solutions for the foodservice, industrial HVAC, and healthcare markets across the globe. From thermometers, timers, and wireless monitoring, Cooper-Atkins remains committed to its customers’ needs for reliable instruments and accessible customer service.

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Featured Products from Cooper Atkins

Digital Pocket Test with Temperature Alarm

The DFP450W Digital Pocket Test with adjustable Temperature Alarm was specifically designed for the harshest foodservice environments. The Instrument can be programmed to provide a visual alarm (blinking display) once the set temperature is reached. The initial default alarm temperature is 140oF (60oC). Potentially hazardous mercury thermometers are often used to check the extreme water temperature of commercial dish water. Eliminate the risk of a mercury spill; the DFP450W stores the maximum heat registered and is waterproof. Guaranteed Accurate for Life means there is no need of field adjusting of calibration settings and no risk of introducing error into the instrument.



Multi-Station Digital Timer

The TFS4 Multi-Station Digital Timer is a high-performing and durable choice that has 4 different timer mode stations that can be used independently or simultaneously. Its large 4-station LCD and flashing lights allow for easy viewing. The TFS4 has four distinctive alerts with an adjustable volume control that makes it easy to hear from across a large room - making it the ideal timer for noisy work environments. The TFS4 features color-coded LED with distinctive beepers for each timer and coordinating key pad buttons. It features count-down/count-up and Memory Mode Feature.

The TFS4 is made from durable ABS plastic housing. Non-skid rubber feet or wall mounting keep the timer secured, and its keypad is grease resistant and splash-proof. A one-touch START / STOP button is located at the top of the unit for quick and easy operation. Optional AC Adaptor Now Available! #9374



EconoTemp Thermocouple Combo Pack

The EconoTemp Combo Pack 93230-K includes the 32311 thermocouple instrument with lanyard, wall bracket and DuraNeedle probe 50336-K. This combination kit provides a general purpose unit that will meet most of your temperature monitoring needs.


HACCP Manager & NotifEye

The HACCP Manager Kit provides the software, hardware and PC interface for the collecting, reporting, analyzing and storing of product temperature records and checklist documentation. The Handheld is a data-collecting instrument designed to simplify the gathering of temperatures and the documentation of corrective actions as well as managing standard checklist processes. The database software allows for customizing up to 300 menu items and the Handheld can store up to 3000 temperature readings, 1500 checklist records (150 questions).

Eliminate manual data logs and ensure consistent, accurate tracking of temperatures. NotifEye sensors monitor and pass information to the NotifEye application which collects and records data 24/7. When preset conditions are met, email and text notifications can be sent. The system allows for a complete configuration and customization based on your facility setup.



Infrared Forehead Thermometer

The 4DET-306 infrared forehead thermometer is specifically designed for use on the forehead. It is a no-contact device capable of measuring people’s body temperature by detecting the intensity of infrared light emitted from the forehead. It converts the measured heat into a temperature reading displayed on the LCD.



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