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Since its start in 1936, Fisher Manufacturing has been fully dedicated to providing its customers, particularly within the foodservice industry,  with the most advanced commercial plumbing systems available. For three generations the Fisher Family has developed a wide range of plumbing products that yields consistent performance, dependability, and most importantly, overall value. When you install Fisher… you’ve installed the best.

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Featured Products from Fisher

Ultra Spray Valve

Standard on all Fisher Pre-Rinse Units the Ultra Spray Valve is proven to remove garbage off of a plate fastest with its knife-edge spray nozzle that only uses 1.15 gallons of water per minute. The improved heavy-duty lift pin and solid brass/chrome plated handle guarantees that this spray valve will perform up to 1 million cycles. Consistent performance, durability, and designed with efficiency and least environmental impact regarding our product, processes, and packaging in mind, Fisher pre-rinse spray valves are the perfect spray valves in any foodservice operation.




Elevating the standard for all drains in the industry, the Fisher DrainKing is above them all. The DrainKing uses the twist mechanism you’re most familiar with to open and close a ball valve instead of the pop-up mechanism with O-rings that eventually deteriorate. The Stainless Steel rotary ball valve is an innovative solution that is virtually leak proof. Two sized threads are used at the connection, which means no need for any additional adapters. Engineered for unparalleled durability, reliability, and longevity to provide you with the quality your operation needs.




Consistent performance, reliability and overall value have helped make Fisher faucets an industry standard. Designed with the commercial kitchen operator in mind the Fisher faucet is second to none. Fisher faucets have acquired an outstanding reputation over the years as the foremost in quality without equal. Fisher kitchen sink faucets feature a swing spout which is ideal for all commercial kitchen preparation and cleanup tasks.



Chem Tee

The Chem Tee features an attractive stainless steel design that replaces the current pipe to hose adapter. The Chem Tee offers a port connection for speedy installation and reduced labor costs. No need to “shorten” your existing pre-rinse riser, voiding the warranty and this unit can be ordered aftermarket as well. The Chem Tee fits all brands and includes a flush mount 3/8” NPT plug. The easiest, and most innovative addition to your pre-rinse unit available today.



3-Ply Hose

At Fisher Manufacturing, we are committed to providing you with high quality, durable, and reliable plumbing solutions. The 3-Ply Hose is no exclusion to that commitment, which is why it is guaranteed to last you three times longer than any other hose. Inside the stainless steel armor, you’ll find that our hoses are made of a 3-Ply aircraft hydraulic hose that’s reinforced by nylon.




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