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Matfer Bourgeat provides customer-based solutions for restaurants, conventional and luxury hotels, culinary schools, fine dining, and catering services. Their expertise extends to all areas of the pastry, bakery, and restaurant industries. Mafter Bourgeat is one of only a few suppliers worldwide that are able to provide a complete range of kitchen utensils and equipment for any foodservice establishment.

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Featured Products from Mafter Bourgeat

Exopat® Nonstick Baking Mat

  • Made of a durable food-grade silicone based woven fabric that is laminated and rubberized
  • Heat resistant from -40ºF to + 580ºF
  • No greasing, releases, and sponge cleans easily
  • Replaces parchment paper
  • Reusable between 2,000 to 3,000 times
  • Lays flat by soaking in warm water overnight
  • Microwave safe

Standard Disposable Pastry Bags

Rubberized exterior for easy handling. The Interior of the bag is slick for the food product to smoothly come out. Recyclable Durable But also disposable. Comes in a roll of 100. Comes in its own box for easy dispensing.

Exoglass® Strainer

Resistant up to 430° F. Dishwasher safe. Made of a heavy-duty composite material designed for intensive use. Used to make fine stuffings and to strain sauces.  One-piece ergonomic and insulated. The body and handle are made from one piece of composite material. Complete with hygienic stainless steel mesh, stainless steel protective cross wires, and two hooks for extra stability.

Giesser Messer Knife

These knives combining tradition and quality are made in Germany by Giesser Messer, cutlers since 1865.
– Vacuum-treated stainless steel blades ensure improved cutting.
– High-quality chrome/molybdenum steel.
– Non-slip, non-porous, sterilizable handles.
– Handle shape ensures user comfort regardless of the type of use.

Bourgeat Excellence Steamer

  • Design that combines cooking performance with ergonomics
  • Suitable for all heat sources
  • Optimized cooking by uniform heat conduction in skirt and base.
  • May be used on any available heat source.
  • Handles are perfectly watertight (no risk of bacteria development) and also constructed of insulated stainless steel tube that guarantees to “stay cool”, preventing any heat from diffusing


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