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Therma-Tek products are designed to meet the everyday needs of professional chefs across the globe. Each product design utilizes quality materials, innovative technologies, and cutting-edge design that is both user-friendly and durable. Their equipment is all made right here in the United States at their Hazleton, Pennsylvania manufacturing facility. Therma-Tek boasts a staff with over 125 years of combined expert experience in the industry of professional cooking equipment. With a firm belief that high-quality service extends beyond the product line, Therma-Tek strives to provide an unprecedented valued experience to its customers in the foodservice landscape.

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Featured Products from Therma-Tek


36" Gas Restaurant Range

36" wide medium-duty range with full-size oven accepting 18” x 26” sheet pans in either direction. The gas-powered oven is heated by a heavy-duty straight tube burner. Comes with lift-off cast iron open top burners and individual top grates for each burner. Available 5/8 inch thick griddle plate. Valve controlled or thermostatically controlled. Griddles are heated by a heavy-duty straight burner. Available with hot tops in 12” sections. Hot tops are heated by heavy-duty “H” burners. Aluminized oven interior, stainless steel inner door panel, and removable oven bottom. Fully stainless steel exterior. A single deck high shelf is standard.


Manual & Thermostatic Griddles

Available in 5/8" and 1" plate options.

Spatula width grease trough, large capacity full depth grease container and 4” plate rail

One heavy-duty cast-iron H-Type burner per 12” section; rated at 30,000 BTU/hr.

Each 12” section is controlled by a valve.

Each 24” section is controlled by a thermostat (1 thermostat per 12” section also available).


Radiant Char Broiler

  • One heavy-duty cast-iron H-Type burner per 12” section; at 30,000 BTU/hr.
  • Each burner is specifically engineered to reflect usable heat away from the drip pan and into the cooking zone
  • Heavy cast-iron radiants with multiple heat sinks retain heat, minimize recovery time during peak periods, and protect the burner from blockage and flare-ups. Two radiants per burner on radiant broiler
  • High-quality lava rocks on cast iron supports provide maximum heat retention for excellent broiling
  • Spatula width grease trough


Commercial Gas Fryer

  • Stainless steel tank with smoothed out welds
  • Stainless steel front, top, and header. *Stainless steel sides also available
  • Double rod stainless steel basket hanger
  • Stainless steel door with door stabilizer
  • Two nickel chrome wire mesh fry baskets
  • Invensys thermostat - 200F to 400F


Convection Oven

55,000 BTU’s/hr (16kW) direct-fired burner - works with natural and propane gas.  Features a unique air delivery system through a double-walled baffle allows for an even bake on all rack positions.

The direct-fired design makes for a highly efficient oven that utilizes the maximum amount of usable heat before exiting out of the flue system. The fully sealed oven cavity comes with a positive overlap door closure system.

The front-accessible control area keeps controls cool, reducing oven failure.

Five chrome-plated racks with 12 rack positions. Side rack slides, racks, and baffles are easily removable for cleaning.

Dependent doors, stainless steel door gaskets, and electro-mechanical controls with snap-acting thermostat (150° to 500°F). 



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